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“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.” – Albert Einstein

The Psychic Internet was featured in The New York Times - August 20, 1998
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WELCOME to The Psychic Internet tm Our Psychic Readings tell you what future probabilities hold for you! Whether your issue is love or money or business, or your future in general, The Psychic Internet is your one source for a Personal Psychic Reading from two of the most professional, experienced, and qualified Psychic Readers, with more than a half-century of combined proven experience and international renown, with individuals, business and corporate clients.

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Just imagine having a second opinion on virtually anything in your life, so easily and for so little cost!

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Psychic Readers who provide psychic readings, and other people who have experienced paranormal phenomena of all kinds, are frequently the target of self-appointed skeptics from the academic and scientific community. As a response, The Psychic Internet has created an archive of articles about the many great and world-famous philosophers and scientists who have either had paranormal experiences or have given credence to their reality.

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