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I seem to be having so much trouble finding a lasting relationship. I'm seeing two men lately. The first is an architect, and the other is a business man. Do you see any possibilities with either one of these?



Quick Hit Psychic Reading for J_____

Tarot Oracle:

  • Four Pentacles Reversed
  • Four Swords Reversed

We do indeed see companionship in your life in the relatively near future, J____. We see you reuniting with someone that you knew in the past – OR, possibly, you will meet the person that you are looking for when you return to the place(s) where you used to live or socialize. You will probably find the person you are looking for when you go back to the past and rekindle a friendship with someone that you have not been in touch with recently. Hanging out closer to where home used to be is where your good fortune lies.

As you can see from the listing above, we have also drawn a few images from our Tarot Oracle as a way of reflecting your situation through to us here in our meditation for you today. These two images appear as a warning to you and reflect on your potential for success in a relationship with either of the two men that you mentioned in your Reading Request. In fact, these two images point to a lack of potential with either of these two men. In the reversal of the image of Four Pentacles, your architect friend is revealed as unable to share his life with a partner at this point in his development. We sense that, for one thing, he suffers from overwhelming material needs, lacking a firm financial security, and this is his main preoccupation at this time. The reversal of the image of Four Swords shows that your businessman friend is not really available to you at this time. We sense that he is only just recovering from a previous relationship and isn't clear about what he wants in a relationship.

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