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You call yourselves "Psychics." Yet, I have heard you say in public appearances that you do not like that word. Can you explain?

Yes, that is correct, we do not like the word "psychic," since it has been so over-used and misunderstood. We prefer to call ourselves "Intuitives" or "Readers" since we are using intuition as our method of accessing information from some "scrying" tool such as cards, coins, etc. We have to use the word "psychic" since many people use that term.
I can understand to some degree how a psychic reading can be accurate over the phone or in-person, but how can they be accurate when you do not speak with the person or see the person asking the question? The greatest psychic of the last century, Edgar Cayce, did most of his Psychic Readings by postal mail. It is certainly interesting to consider, yet, it is never necessary for us to speak with the person we are reading. Having had over 50 years of combined experience between us, we can usually zero in on a person with an address, email or snail-mail, or a birth date and name - any identifier helps us to focus in intuitively on the person. We find that the birth date and one other piece of information tends to work the best as "locators" as we call them. Speaking with a person sometimes increases the amount of information we can pick up on, but it does not increase the accuracy. Sometimes people fax or mail us pictures of themselves or the people they want a psychic reading on and this may be helpful in some cases.
I usually know who is calling when the phone rings and I know sometimes what song is coming up next on the radio, but I don't see any images, so I know this is not psychic. So what is it? In fact, it is intuition or psychic ability. Many people have this ability, but some are more in tune with it for one reason or another. Some people find that letting their minds go into neutral gear, so to speak, allows them to be more perceptive in an intuitive way. And, of course, practice and experience heighten these abilities just as they do any other natural abilities.
Since you are considered among the best in the world, how accurate are your psychic readings? Our psychic readings have been 90% accurate on average over the years, although, we are always striving for 100% accuracy. Since everything is in flux and ever-changing, catching the probabilities as well as the potential changes is quite a challenge. We do our best. Where an issue of continuing importance is concerned, and since probabilities are always subject to change, we recommend that a Reading be done several times, weeks or months apart.
How far in the future have you predicted for clients and how accurate are those long-range predictions. We have looked out as much as 20 years for some Readings, but normally, 5 years is the most distant view. We have had remarkable accuracy on most of those 5-year ahead views, although doing them always makes us feel somewhat anxious due to the ever-changing nature of probabilities.
With your track record over the years, how can you offer readings at such a low cost? The Psychic Internet was NOT devised as a wealth-generator. We use our receipts to support various other educational, artistic, and research projects of WholeArts. We feel that our psychic readings should be affordable for everyone because they have so much important and helpful information in them. With our Quick Hit Psychic Reading for less than $40, no one should be left out. Doing business on the Internet also allows us to keep prices down since it keeps our costs down. Our in-person clients are charged considerably more.
I have used the "psychic networks" that are advertised on TV, but there have been reports that they do not use real psychics. Sometimes my readings have been accurate and sometimes not even close. Your comments, please. We cannot comment specifically on other Readers or organizations that offer Readings. Usually the larger TV outfits are backed by big money organizations and hire thousands of people to handle their huge volume of calls, thousands per day in some cases. Quality controls are more difficult with so many people involved. It is an expensive gamble when you consider that you are paying $4 per minute for unknowns with no proven abilities. But don't get me wrong. Some are talented people who simplly are trying to eek out a living.
Do the two of you do all the psychic readings yourself, or do you have others reading for you? We do EVERY psychic reading.
Do people you read for ever give you feedback afterwards about the accuracy of their readings? Yes, very frequently, and we welcome this feedback. We have meetings in which we go over these comments and correlate them to many factors. We also keep statistics on accuracy from this feedback, whether it is general information or specifics about some event or situation. You can read some recent emails on the Emails Page.
Do you use other "tools" to give psychic readings besides Tarot cards and I ching coins? Yes, besides the two you mentioned, we also use, from time to time, depending on the question, Indian Medicine Cards, OH cards, Runes, The Sacred Path Cards, The Child-Within Cards, and A Course in Miracles. However, in the text of our Psychic Readings we usually only comment on our Tarot and I Ching oracles, since these are most familiar and easily available for people who would like to look into them for themselves.
How much experience do you have doing psychic readings? Professionally, more than 50 years combined experience. But both of us were using our intuitive abilities and reading cards long before we began to offer it to others in a professional framework.
Is psychic ability learned or is it natural? Both, but a person must have an "open mind" and a "willing heart" before it can be developed though much practice and learning. There seems also to be an hereditary factor with psychic or intuitive ability, and sometimes it skips generations.
How long does it take for you to do a psychic reading? It depends on many factors. For a phone consultation, it is the length of the call, plus some meditative preparation beforehand and paperwork after. For email and mail readings, anywhere from a half-hour to three or four hours.
Where is The Psychic Internet located? I suspect you mean "physical location." The offices are located on a mountain top at an elevation of 7,500 feet at Heavenly Valley, Nevada, right along side the famous ski resort by the same name. We look over beautiful Lake Tahoe which gives us much inspiration. Dane and Lisa run the everyday affairs of The Psychic Internet and WholeArts, so most email correspondence is with them.
I have done readings myself for many years, yet I cannot read for myself, just other people. Do you read for yourself, or just others? We frequently read for ourselves. We could not imagine making important decisions, taking trips, etc. without doing a psychic reading first.
How have your intuitive abilities helped you personally? A mundane example occurred just yesterday. I told Lisa to make a paper copy of all the people who had signed up for a newsletter, since I knew intuitively that somehow the master listing would disappear. Several hours later, the entire computer directory was gone and there was no indication that the directory and its contents had been erased. It was just gone. Fortunately we had the listing as a result of my earlier intuitive warning.

On a more etheric or spiritual level, I had planned to take a trip for a lecture series about ten years ago in Ireland. Since I could not find my car keys, I began to wonder if I were getting an early warning of a problem. I found the keys but a tire on the car was flat. I knew at that moment that I should not go, despite the fact that hundreds of people were eagerly awaiting my appearances. I immediately spread the tarot cards and found the warning was there, too. I made a few phone calls and lost a great deal of money due to late flight cancellations, etc. But at least I knew I was safely at home. Later I heard that one of the TV stations in which I was to be interviewed, was bombed by the IRA the day I was to appear there.

How do you handle "readings" which seem bad for the client? As Hamlet says, nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.
Once, there was a farmer who discovered a brave and handsome stallion on his property, with no clue as to where it had come from. Nobody claimed the horse. And the farmer's neighbor said, "You are a very lucky man."
The farmer said, "Maybe."
The next day, the farmer's son took the stallion out for a ride. But the beast was high-spirited, and it threw its rider into a ditch, breaking his leg. When they brought the boy home, the neighbor said, "Ah, I see. I thought you were lucky, but actually you are a very unlucky man."
The farmer said, "Maybe."
The next day, the army passed through the village. (This was in days long past when armies did awful things to people.) They demanded that the farmer bring out his son so that they could impress him into their ranks. The farmer told them that his son was lame. And so it came about that the farmer's son lived to a long and healthy old age, while the other fellows in the army lost their youthful life on distant shores.
When you say that something that is happening to you is bad, it is because you are emotionally involved with what is happening at that moment. If someone dies, and you feel bad, it is not because death is bad. Death is an aspect of Nature, which is beautiful. Death is not the opposite of Life: it is the opposite of birth. Life is eternal.
When our emotions are involved in the immediate moment, we often get distorted impressions of what is happening, and confused about what we should do. This is a perfect time for getting some psychic/intuitive insight, and maybe even professional advice. Now, whether you seek counseling from a psychologist, or a friend, or a wise old uncle, or a psychic/intuitive, the important thing to look for is emotional detachment, not in the sense of being cold and unfeeling, but rather in the sense of being in a position to see the larger perspective. Remember the story about the farmer and his son whenever you need to see things in a larger perspective.
Is the source of your psychic ability supernatural, scientific, or religious? It is very fascinating to speculate about the origins of psychic experience. Does it stem from supernatural forces, by which I mean, forces that exist apart from the Natural Universe, not only as we know it, but as it truly is? Can it be explained by the revelation of hitherto unknown physical forces that coexist with, for example, the forces of electromagnetism and gravity? Can it be seen as part of a communion with the Divine, as were the visions of the great Jewish prophets of the Bible, or the miraculous acts of the Hindu sages? These are charming questions, in the sense that they cast a charm around our consciousness, and we begin to think that mere words can dissolve the Mystery of Being. This is to be hypnotized by words. And so I hope you will always ask these questions in a spirit of fun and playfulness. Isn't it enough to be sincere, without being overly serious?
I have given these questions much thought over the years. My conclusion about the first possibility is that I simply cannot understand what we actually mean when we use the word "supernatural." It sometimes strikes me that the word may be a resort to a certain kind of intellectual evasiveness. We are constantly looking for God, and we imagine all sorts of beyonds where we might find Him (Her). But what we are looking for is really always staring us in the face. Haven't you heard about the absent-minded man who went everywhere looking for his spectacles, only to find in the end that they were right there on his nose?
As for the second possibility, who can know what has not yet been discovered? It certainly would not be surprising to discover new forces in the Universe of which we have hitherto been ignorant. This is the very business of science as I understand it.
As for the third, history bears out the fact that very few human beings can honestly claim to have no religion. I am not saying these people do not exist. I am saying that most people seem to have a religious sense that comes quite naturally to them, and can't be denied. In this respect, I am in the majority. It is as natural for me to conceive ideas of God as it is to eat and to drink, to sleep and to dream. I was not trained or conditioned to be this way. It appears evident that many, perhaps most, people are religious only to the extent that they have been conditioned by parents and schooling to be so. I was the son of two devout atheists. Go figure.
At any rate, psychic phenomenon, prophecy, etc. do have religious overtones for me. But then, everything else does too.
I have very little acquaintance with other psychics. And I have never known a very great psychic, such as, for example, Edgar Cayce. In general, I am very impressed with what a competent psychic reading (or a personal psychic experience) can do for a person. It is helpful to bear in mind, however, the immortal words of Krishnamurti: People who try to help other people are a menace. And so, we do not advertise and seek out our clients. If someone finds us through word-of-mouth or searching on the Internet, we honor their coming, and do our best to help them.
How did you discover your psychic abilities? It began unconsciously with my interest in the Chinese Book of Changes, (the I ching - pronounced "yee jing"). Then, I had a series of psychic dreams. And finally, I learned something about the Tarot and began using it in my readings for myself and others.
Do your psychic abilities ever scare you? Never. Should they?
Can psychic abilities be trained or are they born? Both, I think. Isn't musical talent a similar kind of thing? I'm also a musician, and I used to think that all people have musical talent; that it is developed in some, and not in others, according to circumstance. I have since abandoned this notion in the face of unassailable evidence to the contrary.
Are there people who are "unreadable"? Some people are more difficult than others. People who are very withdrawn and severely depressed or deceptive in their dealings with others tend to be difficult. Also, some very angry people put out a very confused signal that is difficult to read. They are about the only ones.
What is the biggest "gripe" you have about people who submit questions? Laughter. Well, actually, when people want to play a guessing game. What I mean by that is that they think they will "test" our abilities by providing very little information. What they don't realize is that the more information they provide, the more accurate, detailed, and to the point, their psychic reading will be. Wanting to "test" our abilities is not the best use for their money since they could get so much more if they give us a full picture of their issue. We have even refused to read for some people who were giving us false information or really holding back some important element. I guess we passed the "test" in those cases by not doing the reading. Why waste the time and effort on people who are not serious about really needing help with their issues or who misunderstand how to get the most from a Reading?

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