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The following email responses to our psychic readings are presented here as they were received without any changes whatsoever except for removing personal identifying information, and abbreviating longer messages. They are all genuine and represent just a fraction of the many received each week. For more recent emails, scroll toward the bottom.

"Once again you have far exceeded my expectations with the clarity and compassion of your readings. I want to sincerely thank you for this reading, you have worded many things that have been on my mind lately, particularly. . ."

"Thank you - once again, an accurate psychic reading. Because of my mother's age and the suddenness of the illness, I feared the worst, but her condition has begun to improve. You have helped me repeatedly with my tendency to worry too much. Thank you again."

"Just wanted to say Thank You for this wonderful insight. I needed to hear it all at this moment in my Life. Thank you again."

"Thank you so much for the psychic reading. It was very accurate in all respects."

"I was ordering the 12-month forecast. I was really impressed by the last reading. It was 100% accurate, so I decided to order another."

"I appreciate that I can always rely on you for an honest and well-directed response..I see your service as a gift that I stumbled upon at the perfect time."

"Just wanted to say many thanks for my last reading. It was very significant and just what I needed to hear. And it gave me many insights for this current (confusing) phase of my life."

"I have recommended your service to several friends. I am very grateful to have found you."

"A quick thank you for your time on my question. I always appreciate the integrity and wisdom in which you work."

"How can I begin to thank your Readers? The reading I received today was exactly what I needed to validate what I've been feeling inside since June 8, 1999. I think I'm finally going to be at peace with this entire situation and accept the reality of what is. Please let them know that they were right on the mark -- again. I especially appreciated the quote from Shakespeare. It is so true. Thank you."

"I'm amazed at your accuracy with such little information I revealed to you."

"I want to say that I also really appreciate the poetic way you convey so much of what you have to say. I feel very blessed to have access to your service."

"The In Depth was very insightful and helpful to me. I appreciated the respect and consideration conveyed in the psychic reading in addition to the informational content."

"I want to thank you for the uplifting and most accurate reading you did for me earlier this week. Your reading was on the mark 100%. It was actually uncanny."


"My last readings turned to be absolutely right and I'm feeling wonderful at the moment having done the right steps in the right direction. Now I'm sure life holds all the wonderful things for me and I'm looking forward to meet each one of them. Thank you for helping me seeing the right way!"

"It is, indeed, my pleasure to find a quality service such as yours, which uplifts the soul, and pours love back into a 'broken heart'!"

"Thanks again for the recent reading.  Your readers are incredible, we spoke about the approach from the corporation here in the office and feel exactly as you do.   Once again many thanks for a truly great insight."

"i've just received the quick hit psychic reading you and your partner (i'm sorry, i don't know his/her name) prepared for me, and even before i reached the end, i realized that you'd gone far beyond what i expected for a "quick hit." not only is this reading generous, it's also extremely well-written (as a former english teacher, i appreciate this!) and attentive to the nuances of what i'd written in my query. i have to tell you--i didn't expect this level of precision and care. it's a gift simply to encounter people who work with such integrity and passion. thank you."

"I really appreciate all your help with my problem. I felt stupid asking my question but you certainly handled it in a professional and courteous way. I must say this is the best reading I have ever had in my life. Thank you so much. I will use you again. P.S. I am not saying this because of the positive outcome. I was impressed with the time you took to answer the question and the insights you offered. Thanks again."

"Thank you so much for the reading. In receiving today Monday August 18th. I agree with your reading. It was extremely clear to me as I've been thinking alot about all of this since we are apart at this time and it enabled me to look at everything outside of being together... Thank you again, and it was erie to read just how on target you are. Thanks again."

"Geez I don't really know where to start ? Your last reading was nothing short of incredible , even though I fought what you had said as much as possible ! I tried to twist and turn your advice to my advantage . I still am very interested in this girl, just because she was sooo unique ! I really hoped and wished that my search was over and that she would be the one ! But It was just as you had predicted in that I probably would never get to know her ! I really thank you for your honesty in your psychic readings even though some times it hurts ! Another incredible thing you picked up even though I never mentioned it is my poor financial situation , which very much does weaken me for some reason?"

"For the last several readings I have not responded with any feedback; however, I want to let you know that every reading I've received has been very accurate. The last four readings I have shared with my lady friend, and she, too, has been impressed with the accuracy stated in the readings. My life is not going through changes, it is going through upheavals in consciousness, desire and direction. These upheavals are necessary to allow my growth. The readings I've received have helped to encourage positive direction and rethink negative direction. It's also been affirming to find my feelings and the feelings of my lady friend about our relationship and my career direction reflected in the readings. Thank you for the effort put into these readings."

"I was very pleased with this mentioned a lot of things that have truth.... but of course as i look at...its a wonderful thing to seek wise advice-and to be able to get it.... but concrete specific ways we handle our lives is always in our own hands...which you state thank you."

"... about 1-2 weeks ago I had asked for a quick hit regarding my career. They felt that I would probably receive the offer but it would be less than I wanted. They also said to keep my eyes open for other opportunities because something else would be coming. Well, for personal reasons (wanting to move closer to my family) I ended up accepting the job offer (which was less than I wanted!) Well, my existing company came back with a counteroffer which was my dream job in my dream city with all relocation expenses paid! So, everything your readers predicted happened!!!!! I am very satisfied with the readings I have received from your organization! Thanks."

"... PS: The first reading was so accurate it gave me chills. Of course I didn't like the outcome, but the cards don't lie so I will just have to get over it I guess. Thanks Again."

"Thank you very much for the wonderful Quick Hit psychic reading that you did for me and my husband last Sunday. The questions that I asked were in reference to my husband being an unemployed airline pilot and having sent out some 40 resumes. I am astounded with the talent that you have and I hope that you can use it in the way that you wish."

"I want to thank you for your reading last Sunday. I don't think I've ever been unhappier or more desperate. However, you were right that I was imagining the worst, and it didn't happen. You were also right in that something good happened this week since in a way, I believe this crisis has brought M___ and me closer together."

"I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful reading today. I am still completely amazed at your accuracy regarding my current situation. The second guessing I was doing to myself, had caused me to doubt that I was making the right choice in my life. You have helped me clear those negative thoughts from my head. I will take the path that I had intended ... And my life shall unfold as it should. Thank you and I will talk to you again."



"I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the psychic reading. It was a beautifully worded reading, and very precise to our situation. I can't tell you how uplifting and encouraging it was. We are very spiritual and positive in our outlook and the reading helped to confirm that strength. I would have loved to read that we would be soon moving to the coast, but look forward with an open mind to what ever move may be in our fate (east or west). Thank you again, and I will stay connected to the wholarts address."

"I just wanted to thank you and let you know how grateful I am for my psychic reading...It was amazingly accurate and so very honest and so very loving. I suppose I was harboring a mistrust for intutives (Though that is my calling in life as well)...I guess what I'm trying to say is my faith has been weakened by the last year and I haven't been following my higher/deeper guidance...Thank you for inspiring faith in me and being the instrument that caused me to open to and to reach out to G-D again. Indeed, you were right about my relationship...and I have been unwilling to face that for a while now...perhaps from the very beginning (looking back I think I recall ignoring spiritual impulses to move on)...Thank you for helping me to heal and be more self-empowered."

"A very accurate psychic reading. Thoughtful and well-written. Your organization has impressed me with its professionalism. I wish you all much success. Thx."

"Just wanted to tell you how helpful I always find your readings. I feel that your readers are ethical, compassionate and honest. Thank you."

"Thank you for the reading, it was magnificent! As your message was coming through I recieved the answer to my problems. Possibly because you were focusing on it, I don't know. I am being told to try and help them before packing up and leaving. I will try this and of course ask for another reading. It's as if a light just came on, as if my husband is crying out for help. Thank you, thank you, thank you, with all my heart."

"I just wanted to thank you for the insights given by your Tarot readings. I'm by nature a skeptic and not sure of the validity of phychic readings in general. Since I started ordering your services, I have landed that job that you predicted, with a substantial increase in salary. It happened very fast with little effort on my part, almost like destiny. Now that my foot is in the door, its my turn to make a success of it. You have helped give me the confidence in myself to effect positive changes. Even with my skeptical nature, you truly perform a valuable service to your customers."

"Hi! Again, this is a continuation of the question I asked last month. Your advice was so good that I am back!"

"Since your last psychic reading was so good I am back for more. This is a follow up question..."

"Thank you for last weeks reading. If the readers had spent four hours talking to my shrink, they couldn’t have been more accurate. I am psychic myself and am able to give good readings for most people. Unfortunately, I need someone who could do a reading for me at this point in my life and felt I would be guided to the right source. I feel I definitely have been sent to the right psychics. In any case, going back to the two men in my life, you were very accurate. I would like insight into the following:..."

"Hello friends, things are great. I am out having fun and dating. Thanks for all your help in the past."

"I received your reply and I must say that you amazed me with your extensive description of me. I do not know how you could have known so much about me. I did not give you any information about myself. The advice you gave me really fit my personality well. I will surely be back for more."

"When I ordered the psychic reading from you, I did not expect to get such a lengthy reply. It was much more than I had expected. You hit so many areas of my life and surprised me that you could know me so well."

"Thank you for your reading yesterday. Your kind words and "encouragernent" were well received."

"If I didn't know better, I would think you knew all of the players firsthand. You are TOTALLY dead on. Wow. Thank you!"

"Your last reading was six months ago, and I must say I am amazed that all those details about the man I would meet have come true... exactly as you said they would. And it was 6 months to the day. I have a list of 20 details and you hit all 20. Thanks. Our wedding is set for August."

"...believe me, I have had lots of readings from lots of 'psychics' but I have never had such intelligence doing my reading. I could not believe it. Reading my comprehensive report was like being in the library, reading some scholarly document... about ME!"

"I have had a couple of readings previously and was interested in obtaining an update. The previous readings have been acurate and appreciate the advice and direction given."

"Your psychic reading of November saved my butt. The investment I asked you about was a real loser, just as you said it would be. I thought you were giving me bad news, but it was good news, very good news."

"Thank you for the reading. I had no expectations, but was most impressed! I've started a dream journal and I'm more relaxed about my situation."

"I want to thank Mr. D. for his kind reading and discussion with me this past Sunday. I was very concerned and confused over a relationship and Mr. D's comments were helpful and most encouraging. I felt much better after speaking with him. Obviously it is too soon to know if what he said will happen, but I believe his comments ... were right on target. I am still confused by this person but much more cautious about the relationship. "

"I thought you would be like those TV psychics that are always being advertised and springing up like mushrooms. But the difference is night and day. You two are NOTHING like them. You guys are pros. I was amazed by the immediate understanding you had of me. I will be calling again, that is for sure."

"You call your work 'psychic readings' but they are more like very personal counseling sessions with an extra difference. You give sound advice rather than strange, way-out comments. I like that very much."

"Your past-life reading was amazing. I have read it over and over and every time I do, I see new connections to aspects of my life today. This may sound strange, but I feel more whole and solid as a result of this reading. My husband liked it, too."

"When you said that we should cancel our travel plans, I was very disappointed. I didn't like you very much at that moment, but I did take out the travel insurance. Especially since you could not be specific... 'some major problem with the plans, especially the hotel, something very wrong with the hotel.' What I want you to know is that a typhoon swept through the area during the time we could have been there. Thanks to you, we were not there. The hotel that you spoke about was totallly destroyed by the raging Pacific. You're amazing."

"I want to thank you for the second reading you gave me. It told me exactly what I needed to know abot myself. Although you don't know me, and I have not told you anything about me, I find it amazing that you are able to accurately pinpoint exactly where I am at this point in my life, and tell me about my inner most desires and goals! I can only say thank you- you have assisted me significantly! Makes me want to "follow the Thread", and to ask you another question. Therefore I have. Many thanks for your help."

"First of all I would like to congradulations for a fine reading! You picked up on "problems with your car", and actually I do have considerable problems with this car, but my question to you had nothing at all to do with transportation matters at all. You see I was involved in an auto accident that was not my fault on Sept. 13, in which my car was almost completely wrecked. I have received the car back from the shop, but the car now has an electrical problem for which I will have repaired (hopefully), later this week. Secondly, your comments pertaining to exactly the kind of lady I am searching for were exactly on the mark! I am glad you have a positive feeling about the near future, I'll just have to wait and see."

"Thanks for your first reading, it's given us a lot to think about. It very clearly hit what my husband and are feeling right now, and brought up some issues we have been dealing with. We're ordering a comprehensive to explore a bit deeper some of the central issues, thanks again."



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