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I believe I have a lot of creative ability that is not appreciated where I now work. I feel trapped, bored and unhappy. I've been offered a new position with _____, Inc. Should I take it? And I have also been exploring an investment idea that I think is promising for the future. But I'm not sure I should trust it. What do you see?



Brief Psychic Reading for P_____

Tarot Oracle:

  • The Page of Cups Reversed
  • Six Wands Reversed
  • Eight Swords
  • Four Cups
  • The King of Pentacles               

We do NOT see you moving out of your current position at work, P_____. You do have some very good fortune coming to you in the material side of life – with respect to money and property. But, we feel that your best bet with regard to work, at least at this time, is to stay where you are and bide your time.

As you can see from the listing above, we have drawn a variety of images from our Tarot Oracle as a way of reflecting your situation through to us in our meditation for you today. At the center of these images, we find the Page of Cups, appearing in a reversed position. Any competent reader of the Tarot Oracle will tell you that this image does NOT bode well for the beginning of a new job or work assignment. This judgment is underlined in particular with respect to a new position with a different company, since it is confirmed by the image that we drew with specific reference to that potential opportunity. This is the image of Eight Swords, also appearing in a reversed position – and, again, any reader of the Tarot Oracle will tell you that this does NOT bode well for that particular opportunity. In fact, it may stand out as a strongly negative response with regard to that opportunity specifically. The dark image of Eight Swords is never a happy image, and in this instance, its reversal suggests the opposite of everything that you are hoping for – especially with regard to freedom of maneuver. If you take the new position with the other company you are likely to be even more constrained and tied down by your work, not less.

But we also see in the image of the Page of Cups some of the great personal discouragement that you feel in your current position. We can confirm for you that your talent and experience should mean much greater reward and status than you actually have at this time. The reversal of the image of Six Wands appears in our reading as a way of showing that you are indeed not recognized properly in your current position, and that can’t be easy to bear. The reversal of the image of the Page of Cups reflects a certain depression in your spirits. Still, you probably need to take a more objective view of things under the circumstances, and to put subjective emotions in the back seat, as it were. We sense that this is NOT the right moment for you to make a move.

With regard to your new investment idea, our Reading gives you high encouragement in the form two images that have appeared in close juxtaposition in today's Reading: the image of Four Cups and the image of The King of Pentacles. In fact, you could not hope for a more positive reflection of the potential that exists in that particular venture. Clearly you are imagining immense rewards from it, but we do NOT feel that we have to warn you about excessive expectations. The image of Four Cups tells you, however, that the idea first needs to be carefully nurtured, and we sense it will take some time to put all the elements in place before it can be realized. The King of Pentacles, at any rate, is definitely a bright green light, telling you to move forward with great self-confidence. From a traditional point of view this image is always associated with the idea of material success, financial rewards, good business investments, etc. Of course, you will also want to give great weight to the investment advice you get from other trusted experts. But you are getting a resounding YES from this mode of insight. We feel that the success described by this King of Pentacles will more than make up, in due time, for the disappointment you are feeling now in your job. Put depression aside, P___. Things are going to work out very well for you, indeed.

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