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Almost any topic is suitable for your psychic reading; however, please realize that The Psychic Internet cannot answer specific questions or make recommendations relating to medical issues, investments, or legal matters. Also, we do not provide "winning" numbers for lotteries.

  • I am looking for a new house but I don't seem to be able to find anything in the Memphis neighborhood I want to live in. What does it look like for me to find something soon that I will like and can afford, especially in this neighborhood?
  • My husband has been depressed lately because of all the talk at the office about lay-offs. Everyone is tense and it is affecting my husband... and me and our child. What are the prospects that he will be one of those laid off?
  • I have always felt a special closeness to my aunt and for years have felt that we knew each other in past lives. My parents think I'm nuts to think this way. She is my father's oldest sister, so she is much older than I am, but it has never made any difference. We don't always agree on everything (she doesn't believe in reincarnation), but we both feel "connected" somehow. What do you see?
  • I have been dating this man who is 6 yrs. older than I am for about 2 yrs. now and he doesn't seem to be any closer to proposing than he was on our first date. I really like him and would like to be his wife. What do you see?
  • My first husband is very jealous of my new husband and has been causing trouble by calling and stopping by the house. I have told him off but it doesn't seem to stop him. What is the issue here?
  • A psychic once told me that I had a past life in ancient Rome and that is where my son and I first met. She told me that we had problems that we are trying to resolve in this lifetime. Is this true?
  • I am ready to settle down and meet "Mr. Right" and even though I am out and about all the time, even to lots of social events, I don't seem to find anyone who has a metaphysical orientation, which I want. Is there any hope?
  • I would like a 12-month reading for myself beginning this July.

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