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I've agreed to take a new job that seems perfect for me, but it involves a move to another state, and suddenly I'm feeling all sorts of misgivings about this decision even though I'm not happy where I am. I can't figure out if my intuition is telling me that this is not such a good idea after all. Please help.



In Depth Psychic Reading for R_____

Tarot Oracle:

  • Six Swords
  • The Knight of Swords
  • Five Cups
  • Six Pentacles
  • Seven Swords

I Ching Oracle:

  • Deliverance
    (Only one image has been drawn, instead of the customary two, for reasons explained below.)

It often happens, R_____, that a new opportunity, even a very good one, brings out all kinds of anxieties, outright fears, and other artifacts of consciousness that are unpleasant to experience. It probably results from a quickening of the creative energies flowing through the body and mind at such times. It is not always easy to distinguish these transitory specters and forebodings from true intuitions about the future. This is exactly when a psychic reading can be most useful – IF, that is, it is taken into consideration as just one more piece of information in the course of a larger view and examination of things. This much said, we believe that you have nothing to worry about with regard to your upcoming move, and we feel sure that your worries do NOT reflect true intuitions about what lies ahead for you.

In fact, we sense that your upcoming move represents a very positive development in your life. And, this basic judgment is very clearly confirmed for us in some of the images that we have drawn from our two principal oracles during our meditation for you today.

At the center of all of the images that we have drawn for you from our Tarot Oracle, we find a juxtaposition of the image of Six Swords with the image of The Knight of Swords. Now, from a traditional point of view, the image of Six Swords is usually associated with a move, often portending a very substantial move over a significant distance. And, perhaps only because people are often reluctant to move, even in the best of circumstances and when they really want to be moving, the image always evokes a melancholy caste of mind and heart. At any rate, here the image describes perfectly the negative aspects of your own feelings as you contemplate the changes that lie ahead of you.

From a traditional point of view, the knights of the Tarot Oracle are usually associated with men, but we can assure you that women can also be knights, at least in our own readings. Indeed, YOU are the Knight of Swords who is reflected for us through this image in today’s Reading. As a Knight of Swords, it is your own inner powers of decision and determination that are being evoked through this image. In other words, this Knight of Swords reflects a particular aspect of your own personality, and it promises you the benefits that will come to you from accentuating that aspect at THIS time. This means, under the circumstances, accentuating courage, purpose, firmness, and your sense of personal rectitude and self-confidence. The image tells you to be more adventurous, and to be more ambitious at this moment in your life.

And, at the same time, it tells you to take a more objective view of your present situation, in your present location, with all of the unhappiness that it entails. Indeed, there appears to be a tight knot of entangling emotions, experiences, and circumstances in your life at this time. Thus, the image of Five Cups appears in a position of paramount importance in your Reading today. In this image we see intense grieving over personal losses that you have suffered in your relationships, and also your discouragement with respect to various personal goals that you have had. Evidently, you have been seeing the future through the lens of the previous disappointments that you have experienced in life. But, actually, the past is NOT a barometer for the future. In fact, this is WHY you are being presented with the possibility of a move at this time. This is the way in which The Universe has arranged to make possible your constant growth and development during this lifetime.

The Knight of Swords draws boundaries between the past and the present, and between now and the future. From an objective viewpoint, you will see that there is no reason for you to remain in your unhappy situation. You will see that your unhappiness is NOT a natural condition that somehow represents a necessary pattern in your life. The knights of the Tarot Oracle are always in movement, and a Knight of Swords moves so as to leave behind the reasons for her unhappiness. For her, the past has no essential hold on her. She is not the victim of her fate, but the master of her destiny.

There are times when present life becomes so entangled with the past that only a clean cut will open up new directions for the future. When patterns of thought and feeling become so enmeshed with the negative circumstances and impressions of life in a particular place, it becomes necessary to exercise relatively extreme measures in order to be extricated from the web of entrappment that has been spun by the past. This reminds us of the story of Alexander the Great, who was a Knight of Swords when he was confronted with the so-called Gordian Knot. All the great and famous of his day had tried to untie that legendary knot in a length of rope, but only Alexander had the courage to take out his sword and, without more ado, to cut through it.

This message is amplified by the image of Deliverance that we have drawn for you today from our Chinese oracle, the so-called I Ching, or Book of Changes. Deliverance is a very powerful and beautiful image, showing the way in which someone escapes from the dangers created by negative conditions. In the situation described through this image, you can and will escape from these dangers simply by moving away from them. You could not hope for a clearer confirmation of the rightness of your anticipated move from a Reading of this kind.

Normally, by the way, two images emerge from a consultation of the I Ching Oracle. The occasional appearance of just one image from the I Ching is not a function of our own choice. The I Ching Oracle is consulted by means of a meditative practice in which a series of six numbers is divined. These six numbers ordinarily result in the drawing of two images, but not always. When just one image appears, the message tends to be emphasized to some degree, or it describes a situation that should be considered temporarily outside the bounds of the river of change. Here, the presence of just one image underlines the central importance of the task that lies before you. Until you make the move that you have already decided on, R_____, all progressive change in your life will be kept on hold.

Thus, the Knight of Swords appears in your Reading also as a kind of white knight in shining armor. It is, in other words, a knight of deliverance and salvation. This Knight of Swords reflects an inner dimension of your own soul that has emerged now in order to rescue you from a welter of negative energies. The power of this Knight is urging you forward into the move that you have planned, and the strength and determination that it reveals within you will help you to overcome all of the worries with which this move is fraught.

However, we will also try in other ways to assuage some of these worries by adding here a few comments on the remaining images that we have drawn from our Tarot Oracle.

The image of Six Pentacles speaks directly to whatever worries you may have about financial matters. We feel confident in saying that any competent reader of the Tarot Oracle would tell you that, in this context, this image should be interpreted as a portent of upcoming freedom from financial want and dependency. This is a wonderful thing in itself. In its own way, it signals a time coming soon when all the debts of the past will be paid. It promises a fresh start for you, R_____, and brings good tidings about the provision of all of your material needs.

The image of Seven Swords likewise conveys a very promising message. For us, it always brings to mind the wisdom of a recently coined proverb, “Take the best and leave the rest.” This image tells you that you will be taking with you into the future the very best that you have, and leaving behind in the past only useless baggage. There is also, incidentally, something in this image that often describes an escape from danger, a meaning that is very much in keeping with the image of Deliverance as described above.

Taking the best and leaving the rest will mean, of course, a fundamental overhaul in your psychological and emotional life. Your move will give you the opportunity to leave behind all the negative patterns of thought and emotion that do not in any way contribute to your well being. Let us conclude then with one last thought. We believe that it may be helpful for you to meditate often in the days ahead on the central verse that has been associated since very ancient times with the image of Deliverance. It shows how close are the Eastern (Chinese) and Western Judeo-Christian notions of deliverance (salvation). In this verse the oracle says, “Thunder and rain set in. The image of Deliverance. Thus the superior person pardons mistakes and forgives misdeeds.”

In forgiving others, and above all, in forgiving yourself, you will clear the path ahead for the very progressive move that you are about to make in your life, R_____. All that remains to be said, is “Bon voyage.”

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