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Our personal Tarot and I Ching Psychic Readings are truly individual since they are never uploads or stock text. You may order Readings by email, postal mail, phone or fax directly online from our Psychic Readings Order Page. We offer a variety of Readings for a wide range of depth and elaboration. Longer, more involved readings provide greater insights and detail, weaving together the threads of a colorful, textured tapestry.

Quick Hit Reading @200 words $39
Brief Reading @500 words $49
Issue-In-Depth Reading
@1200 words $95
Overview Reading @1200 words $95
Comprehensive Reading (@1800 words $175
12-Month Look-Ahead Reading @1800 words Special Just $175
Life Reading from the I Ching @1200 words $95
Tarot Card of the Week @200 words $29

Psychic Readings by email represent a convenient way for you to present a question or issue by email and receive your email reading within 48 hours and sometimes much sooner.

Psychic Readings by mail provide a beautifully formatted, highly detailed bound document that makes a beautiful gift to yourself (or someone else) that you will want to read again and again. The turn-around time on readings by mail is normally 72 hours. You may order your reading in large 18-point type if you wish.

Our Astrology Readings are computer generated: only $29.

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What is a Psychic Reading?

Briefly stated, it is an answer to a question or issue by a Reader (a Psychic or Intuitive), based on hunches, feelings, insights, along with the traditional interpretations of traditional oracles such as the Tarot, the I Ching, Runes, etc. Psychic Readings can focus on issues of the present, past, or future.

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Please see our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

To assist you in phrasing your Reading Request, we have included sample questions.

Your Psychic Readings
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