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Your Astrology Reading

  • 15-25 pages
  • $29 by email
  • Special price is just $39 by mail in the U.S. ($49 elsewhere in the world)
  • full-page traditional Zodiac Wheel with all of your transit points, planets, etc. for mail version free of charge.
  • You must know a person's birth date, time, place of birth, and current location for this Report.


Natal (Lifetime) Horoscope

Ever wanted to know what the probabilities were for you at birth from the astrological perspective? Are you curious about the astrological destiny of your mate, your child, or a new baby? Would you like to compare your birth chart and information with that of someone else? Are you looking for a unique, inexpensive gift? The Birth Horoscope is a good choice for you. It is very interesting and surprisingly accurate... in fact, according to feedback to us, it is 85-100% accurate in predicting the personality, interests, activities, likes and dislikes in a person's life. This extensive report provides insights in various categories, including mind/intellect, love, passion, good luck, blocks, imagination, change, feelings, potential spiritual awakening, self-presentation to the world, and includes a brief overview. Occupations are mentioned for some birth signs.

This astrology report makes a beautiful gift for yourself or for someone special that will be read again and again. It can be delivered by mail, fax, or email. The mailed Reports are nicely bound with front and back covers, and printed in laser quality type.

Astrology Readings, unlike all our other Readings from The Psychic Internet, are computer generated. We provide them for the convenience of our clients after repeated requests.


Natal (Lifetime) Horoscope by email $29

Natal (Lifetime) Horoscope by U. S. Mail $39

Natal (Lifetime) Horoscope by world mail $49

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