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The Psychic Internet was one of seven sites featured in a The New York Times article about online psychic readings on August 20, 1998

Excerpts from the article:

"Wondering if you'll get that new job? Meet that special someone? See the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Super Bowl? Every day, legions of seekers take their questions, however mundane, to legions of psychics: on the street, on the phone, on TV and, increasingly, online. . .

"A true clairvoyant, she said in an interview, need not perform a session in person. . .

". . .another online psychic says she believes e-mail or online chat can interest clients who might not ordinarily seek out psychic guidance. "The Web does not have the same warmth as a personal meeting," she said, "but it offers anonymity to someone who might be concerned about a serious issue."

"One customer wanted to find a job in biotechnology sales. According to the Tarot Cards' answer, part of the Psychic Internet site, the job seeker was talented, but suffered from a Type A personality and needed therapy."

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