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Soundtracks A soundtrack from syNThony gives you stunning quality at an affordable price. Many sophisticated musicians have declared that it is impossible to distinguish between the orchestral simulations made in our syNThony studios and other conventional recordings of the finest live orchestras. Whether you want newly composed original music, or a performance of music from the classical repertoire, we work in close association with you to provide the soundtrack that you desire for your project. We take utmost pride in our music, and guarantee your satisfaction. From 30 second radio spots, to full feature length film scores, from solo or chamber music, to full orchestral sound, syNThony meets your needs and deadlines.
Web Design and Publishing In collaboration with syNThony, WholeARTS is now offering full web design and publishing services to musicians who want to establish their presence on the World Wide Web. WholeARTS has been creating and publishing new and innovative sites on the World Wide Web since 1993. (See a list of some of our happy customers.)
MP3s and RealAudio Make your music and performances available for easy audition and download on the Internet.
Orchestral Simulations Composers: Don't wait for conductors and orchestras to recognize your work. syNThony will create strikingly realistic orchestral simulations of your music - either entire works for distribution and/or sale, or short samples for demo purposes. Click HERE to listen to a representative recordings from our studio.
Studio Design and Consultations Incorporate various kinds of digital music technology into your music studio: tools for practice and education, scoring aids, recording and mixing devices. We can help you with advice and/or full studio design and installation. Our services are individually tailored to your specific needs.
Tech Support Music software questions? Get answers about complex music software programs such as Cubase VST Score. Get advice troubleshooting your computer music configuration.

syNThony Soundtracks

A soundtrack from syNThony gives you stunning quality at an affordable price.
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