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syNThony Consultations

  • Would you like your own studio for orchestral simulation, pre-assembled and ready to go, the product of our extensive experience and up-to-date research in the field?
  • Do you need help configuring your computer for music applications?
  • Are you having problems with your MIDI connections?
  • Do you need advice selecting electronic accessories for your music studio?
  • Are you wondering how digital music technology can contribute to your own, or your student's, musical studies?

Our experts in music technology consult with you in your home, workplace, or by telephone or email. Examine the basic schedule of fees below, and then fill out the Information Form to schedule a consultation. You will not be charged, and billing information will not be requested, until after your consultation has been scheduled.


In-Home / In-Studio Consultations

Phone Consultations


PLUS: Air-Fare to your location
from Lake Tahoe, California

$3.00 / minute

We call you and pay
for the phone charges.

In order to schedule or request information about consultation with a syNThony expert, please fill our the form below. You will receive a resonse within 48 hours.

Information Request Form

Select the items that apply, and then let us know how to contact you.

I would like to schedule:

A telephone consultation
A consultation in my home/office/studio
Your Name:
Please describe your individual needs.

Are you a composer, performer, student,
teacher, amateur, professional?
What are you trying to accomplish by
the application of music technology?
If you are seeking a telephone consultation,
please specify two specific times when
you can be reached.


syNThony Soundtracks

A soundtrack from syNThony gives you stunning quality at an affordable price.
Learn more here.

syNThony is pleased to present an archive of informational articles about digital music technology, and orchestral simulation. These articles are presented free of charge in the syNThony Library.

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