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Daniel de Quincy

syNThony is very proud to announce new honors bestowed on our composer, Daniel de Quincy during the year 2002.

  • In 2004, Mr. de Quincy was the winner of the Fellowship in Music Composition awarded by the Nevada Council of the Arts. Also, he was appointed to a professorship at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music (a position he did not accept for personal reasons).
  • Also in 2004, Mr. de Quincy was invited to join the faculty at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in China.
  • Mr. de Quincy won an award in the First Mario Nascimbene International Film Music Competition. Inaugurated by the MusicArte association, under the direction of Andrea Mascitti, in collaboration with the Administration of the Borough of Orsogna (Chieti), Italy, the competition for the Mario Nascimbene Award for Film Musical Scores, was open to composers of all nationalities. 91 composers took part from all over the world, including United States of America, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Spain, Great Britain, Portugal and Switzerland. According to the Artistic Director, Andrea Mascitti "the quality of the compositions presented was very high, as was acknowledged by the jury composed, amongst others, of the Oscar Awards Winner Nicola Piovani. Nascimbene (Milan 1913 - Rome 2002) was one of the greatest composers for both the Italian and International cinema, author of 400 sound tracks for films directed by Fellini, Rossellini, Antonioni, Vidor, and Ustinov. This award is probably unique in its sector, both in Italy and Europe. Mario Nascimbene was a genius who, for the first time, inserted live sounds in his musical scores and invented the ancestor of the sampler, the "mixerama". He wrote more than 400 sound-tracks, amongst which the music for "The Barefoot Countess" of Mankiewicz, with Ava Gardner, Humphrey Bogart, and Edmond O'Brien;  "Alexander the Great" with Richard Burton and Claire Bloom; "Goodbye to Arms" with Rock Hudson; "Barabba" with Anthony Quinn,  Vittorio Gassman and Silvia Mangano; "Solomon and the Queen of Sheba", with Yul Brynner and Gina Lollobrigida; "The Vikings" with Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis; "Doctor Faustus" with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. He also composed sound tracks of some television productions and documentaries. He was the first Italian composer invited to go to Hollywood.
  • During January and February of 2002, Mr. de Quincy was Composer in Residence at the Smyrna Atlantic Center for the Arts, at New Beach, Florida. The roster of composers who have been in residence at the Atlantic Center include many of the most prominent names in new music over the last several decades, including Thea Musgrave, Ned Rorem, Elvin Jones, Morton Feldman, Lou Harrison, Joseph Schwantner, Gunther Schuller, David Diamond, Pauline Oliveros, Joan Tower, Earle Brown, Jacob Druckman, George Perle, Betsy Jolas, Jukas Foss, Rodion Shchedrin, Morton Sobotnick, Terry Riley, Karel Husa, David Baker, Louis Andriessen, and many more.

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