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The syNThony Seminar
for Composers and Musicians

Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA

August 16 – 23, 2003

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own orchestral music, and recording it professionally for distribution or sale? Now you can make the dream a reality!

syNThony invites you to join composer and orchestral simulation expert, Daniel de Quincy, MFA, at fabulous Lake Tahoe, Nevada, U.S.A. for a week-long intensive, featuring six days of hands-on training in digital music and audio production, with a special emphasis on orchestral simulation and the creation of an inexpensive, professional music studio. No previous knowledge of computer music software is required (a basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows is required). Using two professional software packages, Cubase SX and Gigastudio 160, you will learn:

  • Overview of state-of-the-art music technology
  • MIDI sequencing and recording
  • Computer scoring and printing
  • Audio sequencing, mixing, and effects processing
  • Hard Disk Recording
  • Music studio setup

For a descriptive outline of what you will learn, read “The Composer’s How-To,” by Daniel d’Quincy. (The article is only an approximate description, and does not reflect recent developments in the technology which will be incorporated into the seminar.) For representative samples of Daniel de Quincy's orchestral simulations, click here.

Tuition for the syNThony seminar is only $1200 with everything but lodging included. Tuition even includes a $400 Gift Certificate towards the purchase of the syNThony CubePro Music Studio, our state-of-the-art studio computer, fully configured and equipped with software (Cubase, Gigastudio, and the famed Garratan Orchestral Strings, a comprehensive library of string sounds in a 20-CDROM set of incomparable samples used by David Arnold, Yanni, Mark Isham, Andreas Vollenweider and others.)

The syNThony CubePro Music Studio, delivered to you at the time of the seminar, is $3995 minus your $400 Gift Certificate (cost could be less or more, depending on the specific configuration of your computer, which is determined in consultation with you before the seminar, according to your specific individual needs – for more information on your syNThony CubePro Music Studio, click here). Shipping of your syNThony CubePro Music Studio after the seminar is available on request.

A vegetarian mid-day snack and dinner are provided each day of the syNThony Seminar. Accommodations ranging in price from $45 - $600 per night can be arranged for you at your request.

A non-refundable $600 deposit is required by July 21st, with the remaining $600 due by August 11th. (Earlier payment insures your registration, and is refundable if cancellation is received before July 21st.) Those who purchase the syNThony CupePro Music Studio must pay a deposit of $2500 by July 21st, with the remaining amount due August 11th. (Once the computer is ordered the computer portion of the deposit is non-refundable.) Seminar participants enjoy a 15% discount for one year on all syNThony Consultations and Tech Support. Those who purchase the syNThony CubePro Music Studio receive free technical support for three years. (See the syNThony CubePro Music Studio Page for warranty information.) Payment accepted by check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Applications for the syNThony Seminar are now being accepted. Registration is limited to a maximum of five people. For Seminar Schedule, and travel information to Lake Tahoe, please click here. For more information, please contact [email protected].

To schedule a syNThony Seminar in your locale, please contact [email protected].

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