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Audio Transfers

Transfered to Digital Tape or CD for
Demo or Distribution

All Digital Formats Including RealAudio and MP3 Supported


Your performances can bring you recognition and remuneration.


Samples from your work can lead to commissions. Full performances can bring you CD sales or Internet downloading fees.


Transfer your favorite recorded performances on LP or Tape to long-lasting Digital Format. Restoration is available for damaged recordings.
  We are unable to assume liability for recordings that are sent to us for transfer to digital formats. We encourage you NOT to send single-copy masters of your performances. However, you can be assured of our firm committment to treat your recordings with the loving care that we give to our own most precious recordings.  

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(subject to additional fees when LP or tape restoration is desired)
$10 per minute of music

To order your digital audio transfer,
please first fill out the Contract Request Form below:

  Please Note: Before sending your taped performances for transfer, we will send you a contract for signing. Please estimate the combined length of the performances you want transferred. We will send you a contract and invoice for your approval within 48 hours of receiving your Contract Request. A 50% deposit will be required to finalize the contract. You will not be charged until the contract is signed.  

Contract Request Form

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LP Recordings
Reel-to-Reel Tapes
DAT Tapes
Length in minutes
of music to be transferred:
Special Considerations:
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