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A soundtrack from syNThony gives you stunning quality at an affordable price. Many sophisticated musicians have declared that it is impossible to distinguish between the orchestral simulations made in our syNThony studios and other conventional recordings of the finest live orchestras. Whether you want newly composed original music, or a performance of music from the classical repertoire, we work in close association with you to provide the soundtrack that you desire for your project. We take utmost pride in our music, and guarantee your satisfaction. From 30 second radio spots, to full feature length film scores, from solo or chamber music, to full orchestral sound, syNThony meets your needs and deadlines.

Our award-winning composer, Daniel d’Quincy, creates music in a great variety of styles. Contemporary, new-age, baroque, classical, or romantic: you name it. If you prefer the sound of Sinatra and the Nelson Riddle Orchestra, Daniel d’Quincy will arrange any pop or standard tune with brilliance and class. Even the up-to-date sounds of dance-electronica are yours for the asking.

syNThony is your “one-stop” source for the ideal soundtrack. Why suffer through the arduous process of multiple engagements of composer, copiers, musicians, recording engineers, studio technicians, post-production experts? Save yourself the hassle and the money, which you can spend instead on promotion and distribution.

If you have not heard our Sample CD, please listen to the samples provided below, and prepare to be astonished and amazed at the richness and subtle sensitivity of our orchestral productions. The samples below are MP3s, a compromise of sound quality using file compression for faster downloads. For CD quality sound, you may order our Sampler CD here. And remember this, our commitment to you: we will beat any competitor’s price to provide you with the soundtrack of your dreams.

When you describe your project to us, we will calculate our fee - one flat fee guaranteed, with no add-ons or overruns. In many instances, we will provide you with a variety of musical possibilities in a graduated range of prices to meet your budget requirements. To get the ball rolling, please fill out the "Bid Request Form" on this page.

Musical Samples

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The samples above are in compressed MP3 format, and therefore lose some depth and quality for the sake of faster downloads. You can also hear these samples and others on our highest audio quality Sampler CD, available for a small shipping and handling fee.
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syNThony is proud to announce Daniel de Quincy's latest CD release:

New Orchestral Compositions by Daniel de Quincy
Produced and Recorded in the syNThony Studios
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Bid Request Form

Please describe your project (be sure to state the length in minutes and/or seconds), and the kind of music that you desire for your soundtrack:

Thank you. You should receive a response by email within 48 hours. If you do not receive your response, please email [email protected].

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