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The Images (Hexagrams) of the I Ching Oracle in Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings from The Psychic Internet often feature images drawn from the I Ching Oracle. To offer supplementary information about these images for our clients, and for the public, we have provided this archive of brief articles.

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The abstract images of the I Ching Oracle (usually called "hexagrams") symbolize all of the related and interacting aspects of reality. In the following excerpts from actual Psychic Readings, the images of the I Ching are discussed.

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Pushing Upward

Advice for you in this situation is conveyed through the image of Pushing Upward, drawn from our I Ching Oracle. In the Judgment associated with this image, the oracle says, “Pushing upward has supreme success. One must see the great man. Fear not. Departure toward the south brings good fortune.” In this image, by the way, the oracle describes a union of two separate energies, and it is just because of this union that success is achieved in the end. This describes the union of your energy with that of your husband’s. Seeing “the great man” refers to reliance on a Higher Power – call it God, or Heaven, or whatever it may be that you reverence as the Soul of everything good, beautiful, and true in the Universe. Have faith in this Divinity that really has no name, and don’t be afraid of anything.

When the oracle talks here about “departure toward the south,” it is not literally advice about moving in a geographical direction, although sometimes that can be the case. Usually, this phrase is just the oracle’s way of describing any place where work is done by people together. In the jargon of the I Ching Oracle, the north is a place for meditation and contemplation. The south is for work, and in the image of Pushing Upward, the work is described as very gradual and consistent. Literally, it describes the way in which wood grows out of the earth. It takes time, and it happens step by step, cell by cell. Think of the old expression, “Rome was not built in a day.” That is the basic meaning. Hang in there, each day moving forward, and in the fullness of time, you cannot fail to achieve the “supreme success” that the oracle has promised you.

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