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The Images (Hexagrams) of the I Ching Oracle in Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings from The Psychic Internet often feature images drawn from the I Ching Oracle. To offer supplementary information about these images for our clients, and for the public, we have provided this archive of brief articles.

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The abstract images of the I Ching Oracle (usually called "hexagrams") symbolize all of the related and interacting aspects of reality. In the following excerpts from actual Psychic Readings, the images of the I Ching are discussed.

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However, it is clear that friction and defensiveness have crept into your relationship with your husband. In the image of Modesty, which is the second of the two images that we have drawn for you today from our I Ching Oracle, we see the way in which this negativity can be dealt with. In the central verse associated with the image of Modesty, the oracle says, “Thus the superior person reduces that which is too much and augments that which is too little. She weighs things and makes them equal.” When some things are two high and others are to low, the edges are rough, and friction results. It is harder to travel over mountains and valleys then it his over level land. What are the things that seem most important to you in your daily interactions with your husband, especially where these things pertain to material issues? These are the things that you need to put into their proper perspective, reducing and diminishing their importance and significance. After all, life is long, and circumstances are constantly changing. The person who is poor today is rich tomorrow. It is pointless to make too much of transitory conditions and the temporary dissatisfactions that they create.

But what are the things that are truly important in the relationship between you and your husband. These are the things that are hard to articulate but they originate in that indefinable and ineffable love that came without rhyme or reason into your experience as the most precious gift that can be given to anyone in this Universe. We hear this great truth in the lyric of the great song called “Nature Boy.” It says, “And while we spoke of many things, fools and kings, this he said to me: ‘the greatest thing you’ll ever know is to love and to be loved in return.’” I don’t have to tell you that you love your husband deeply. And I assure you that he loves you in the same way. This is the only really important thing in your relationship with each other. All other considerations, while having their own minor significance, need to be viewed in their proper perspective. Make less of them, and more of your love for each other, and you will see that your sense of the future clears up once again. The dark cloud that is hovering over you will lift very swiftly. The light of the sun will stream into your heart, and the light of the moon will once again rekindle romance in your marriage. The light of your destined star of togetherness will bring you blessings now and forever.

We see the two of you overcoming this time of stress and dissatisfaction in your life and marriage. We see you living a long life together in the enjoyment of true and lasting happiness and fulfillment. Be patient with the current condition of things, but at the same time, look deeply into your hearts for the precious inner truth that is there for you both to cultivate and treasure forever.

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