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The Images (Hexagrams) of the I Ching Oracle in Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings from The Psychic Internet often feature images drawn from the I Ching Oracle. To offer supplementary information about these images for our clients, and for the public, we have provided this archive of brief articles.

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The abstract images of the I Ching Oracle (usually called "hexagrams") symbolize all of the related and interacting aspects of reality. In the following excerpts from actual Psychic Readings, the images of the I Ching are discussed.

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The Abysmal

We have referred to the first image that we have drawn for you from our I Ching Oracle as Water. In the Wilhelm edition it is called The Abysmal. Since its message is by no means always dark and negative, we prefer to call it Water, this being its primary symbolic representation. It is not surprising that the element of water was associated with the idea of danger in the agrarian culture that gave us the I Ching. The ancient sages pointed to the gorges carved out of the earth by water, dangerous places from the point of view of falling. The image is in general all about pitfalls. Thus, in today’s Reading we are concerned with the various pitfalls involved in the act of Gathering Together. While that image of Gathering Together may be very positive, showing how it is that things come together that are meant to be together for some grand and good purpose, yet it places in the foreground of its pictorial landscape the kind of weapons that “meet the unforeseen.”

In the first verse that is highlighted specifically for you by today’s Reading from the image of Water, the oracle says, “The abyss is dangerous. One should strive to attain small things only.” This hearkens back to what we said above about making AT MOST a small offering.

Wilhelm’s gloss on this verse seems to us worth quoting, if you clearly understand it to describe the overall situation you are now in with respect to finding an interim management team. “When we are in danger we ought not to attempt to get out of it immediately, regardless of circumstances; at first we must content ourselves with not being overcome by it. We must calmly weigh the conditions of the time and be satisfied with small gains, because for the time being a great success cannot be attained. A spring flows only sparingly at first, and tarries for some time before it makes its way into the open.”

The Tao of Organization translates this verse as follows: “There is danger in pitfalls. Seek, and you may attain a little.” It translates another verse highlighted for you from this image in the following way, “A casket of wine, two baskets of rice. Use plain vessels. Take in the promise through the window. In the end there is no blame.” Passing through the window is to be understood as a condition of perfect openness and honesty, nothing hidden, nothing held back. This is the foundation of trust, the kind of trust that you require for the position you are filling.

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