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The Images (Hexagrams) of the I Ching Oracle in Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings from The Psychic Internet often feature images drawn from the I Ching Oracle. To offer supplementary information about these images for our clients, and for the public, we have provided this archive of brief articles.

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The abstract images of the I Ching Oracle (usually called "hexagrams") symbolize all of the related and interacting aspects of reality. In the following excerpts from actual Psychic Readings, the images of the I Ching are discussed.

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Listen to one of the verses that is highlighted for you by today’s Reading from the image of Progress. In it the oracle says, “Remorse disappears.” This practically sums up the nature of the time in its full potential. You have been through, as have many people in public affairs and business, a time of sore trial and tribulation. But these experiences too are but transitory shiftings of potential in the ceaseless and ongoing unfolding of what the Chinese call “the ten thousand things.” Life goes on, as people often say after hard times, and there is great wisdom in that simple thought. NOW, in any case, promises to be a time when you can expect that not only will “remorse disappear,” but great forward progress can be made also. It can be a very constructive time for you, as well as a time of relief from some of the negatives of the recent past.

The above quoted verse continues in the following way: “Remorse disappears. Take not gain and loss to heart. Undertakings bring good fortune. Everything serves to further.” This verse, found in the context of an image that in all other respects is entirely positive, can hardly be improved upon if you seek encouragement in your endeavors - as of course you must, and do. But the positive energy is not something that you can enjoy passively. It is something that you must yourself realize in the potential of the moment. Confucius says about this verse that, “Undertakings bring blessing.”

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