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The Images (Hexagrams) of the I Ching Oracle in Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings from The Psychic Internet often feature images drawn from the I Ching Oracle. To offer supplementary information about these images for our clients, and for the public, we have provided this archive of brief articles.

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The abstract images of the I Ching Oracle (usually called "hexagrams") symbolize all of the related and interacting aspects of reality. In the following excerpts from actual Psychic Readings, the images of the I Ching are discussed.

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The image of Decrease is literally described as a lake at the foot of a mountain. This is quite literally the picture that presents itself here at Heavenly Valley, where we look out on Lake Tahoe, and so this image of Decrease has been the subject of much meditation for us over many years.

The most important thing to understand about it is that it is paired with the image and the idea of Increase, and in fact, the two images are essentially mirror images of each other in purely abstract and structural terms. The pairing of these two images reveals one of the principals of essential importance in Chinese philosophy and science. It is expressed in the ancient verse that says, “The images of Decrease and Increase are the beginning of flowering and of decline.” Moreover, a condition of decrease is considered to be the basis of future increase. It is like saying that the cup has to be empty before you fill it up. Another ancient verse says, “If decrease goes on and on, it is certain to bring about increase.” In this respect it is often better to draw the image of Decrease, rather than the image of Increase, since the latter describes a cup that is full and can only be emptied. Another way of thinking of the condition of Increase would be to think of the full moon. It has nothing more to do but diminish and wane until it fades away to nothing; and only then it can start as a new moon again, waxing to fullness.

In other words, as a fundamental principal of Chinese thought, the wave is always implied or explicitly described. Our own science tells us that there is a wave component to every element of nature. Of course, most people know that light comes to us in waves from the sun, and we talk easily of radio waves, and audio waves. But, the science of quantum physics is based on the idea that every particle of matter has also the complimentary nature of a wave. My point is that EVERYTHING in the Universe manifests in waves. And don’t we experience this is a very personal way? Our emotions flood past us in waves of ups and downs. Our incomes and expenses go up and down depending on circumstances. Some days we feel energetic, other days lethargic. There is nothing that does not happen in waves. And one good way of describing the art of life is to describe the art of the surfer who rides the waves at the seaside. The art of life is all about surfing the waves and not getting drowned by them.

In the verse that was highlighted specifically for you by today’s Reading from the image of Decrease, the oracle says, “Perseverance furthers. To undertake something brings misfortune. Without decreasing oneself, one is able to bring increase to others.” This presents some food for thought with regard to your relationships. In the past, have you been too willing to sacrifice your own interests? This is not a question that demands an immediate answer. Only try to think of it now and again in the light of the verse just quoted.

Decrease is a time when you will have fewer distractions, when you will be reliant on your own personal resources. It is a good time for meditation. And, a very productive subject of meditation will certainly be found in the central verse associated with the image of Decrease. In it, the oracle says, “Thus the superior person controls her anger and restrains her instincts.” In other words, decrease has a beneficial effect when it curbs the more volatile emotions, bringing them under the control of the whole being – that is to say, YOUR whole, integrated being.

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