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What is the Harmonic Metronome?

Electronic metronomes have been around a long time.
So, what makes the Harmonic Metronome so special?

Until now, even the most advanced metronomes have produced only a measured rhythmic beat. Electronic metronomes do not differ from the traditional mechanical metronomes in this respect.

A metronome was needed that would do for pitch and rhythm, what the traditional metronomes did for rhythm only.

The Harmonic Metronome

Musical education and practice will never be the same. The Harmonic Metronome produces scales and arpeggios, perfectly tuned and perfectly timed. It may even be programmed to play a complete practice routine: any series you like of scales and arpeggios, in any choice of key, range, meter, and tempo. Prepare practice routines for your students too, so they will know when they are playing incorrect pitches before they come to their lesson. Even accomplished musicians are often unaware that they are tending toward sharpness or flatness in pitch. No longer. The Harmonic Metronome is your personalized music coach, at your disposal any time. And, it's so easy to use!

There are numerous features of the Harmonic Metronome which have no precedent in other metronomes. What metronome, for example, allows you to play a full sequence of rhythms (such as quarter notes, followed by triplet quarters, eight notes, and triplet eighths, at a single tempo marking) with just one setting of the metronome? Only the Harmonic Metronome has this feature.

The Harmonic Metronome will replace all metronomes currently in use. Be among the first musicians to use this revolutionary practice tool. You may download a Demo Copy of the software version of the Harmonic Metronome, or you may order the full program. Experience the joy of practicing with the most comprehensive music accessory available today.

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The Harmonic Metronome is patented technology.
"The Harmonic Metronome," "The Melodic Metronome," and "WholeARTS" are Trademarks of WholeARTS.