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Practicing and Learning Music
The Harmonic Metronome

STUDENTS: Imagine learning music with your own personal accompanist! Imagine being able to practice your lessons without the usual drudgery! Imagine having fun with scales!

TEACHERS: Imagine sending your students home with their own personal robot-accompanist. Imagine programming the accompanist to play along with your student, producing absolutely precise rhythms and perfectly tuned pitches. For example, you could schedule a 30-minute routine of 12 major scales in two octaves, using each of the consecutive chromatic keys, with repetitions at tempos that increase at a rate of 5 beats per minute. Forget scale books: from now on, with a few simple settings, you can create your own electronic scale book, tailored specifically to your own musical needs, or those of your students.

ACCOMPLISHED MUSICIANS: Imagine having the services of a personal coach, on call 24 hours a day, to help you avoid sharpness or flatness, especially when playing at the extremes of your instrument's natural range. Playing with the Harmonic Metronome to measure your accuracy, you will never have to be uncertain about pitch or rhythm ever again.

Scales, arpeggios, even chords - and with the upcoming Melodic Metronome, complete etudes: these are the elements that render all previous rhythmic metronomes obsolete. And, it's so easy to use!

The Harmonic Metronome was developed by a musician for his own practice. What pleased him most was the pleasure that it imparted to his daily exercises. You only have to try the Harmonic Metronome once to be convinced. As one noted musician/conductor recently told the inventor, "You have revolutionized music."

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The Harmonic Metronome is patented technology.
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