Services & Rates

Individual Rates

Sessions are 1 - 1˝ hours

At my healing studio in Sonoma: $120 - $80 sliding scale

At your residence or office: $150 (within 50 mile radius of Sonoma). Please contact for non-local rates.

Groups Rates

Sessions are 2 - 3˝ hours and can be customized for your special program.

In Sonoma County: $40 per person in groups of 4 - 12, and $30 per person in groups over 12 - 20 maximum.

At your home, office, or meeting place ~ please contact for non-local rates.

"Remote" VibeTherapy

Remote VibeTherapy is remote healing, also known as "distance healing." Many scientific studies show that healing energy defies conventional physical laws travelling beyond the speed of light transcending boundaries of space, time, or distance. The powerful effects of prayer for healing at a distance is well documented in it's effectiveness and is an ancient practice.

I create a formal ceremonial space and transmit healing energies of rhythm and sound to recipient(s) using various ancient instruments with your picture and issue on my mesa (altar). You are seen as "Whole" while the healing intention is delivered vibrationally at a pre-scheduled time. Remote sessions typically last about an hour or so. Please call for more information.

Mail or email your picture along with your issue to experience a vibrational shift! I will call to confirm your appointment.

Payment for Remote VibeTherapy is accepted on a donation basis for value received, and as financially able by check, money order, postal money order, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.
Donation securely by credit card.

Healing Performances & Concerts

A lively performance is followed by a discussion of the ancient instruments and their historic metaphysical healing properties. Can be customized upon request.

Concerts are approximately 90 minutes. Please call to discuss your special program.

House Blessings/Space Clearings

Places, buildings and objects have 'energetic imprints' that can block the optimal flow of energy causing a sense of conflict, confusion, contraction and depletion. Clearing and raising the vibration of a space is a simple, sacred and effective solution for creating a harmonious energy field. We will set an intention for your highest personal growth and play the ancient instruments to refresh and re-attune the area to a higher resonance.

Contact Information

René Jenkins
Ceremonial Sound Practitioner
Healing Performance Artist
Reiki Master

Individual Sound Healing Sessions
& Group Sound Healing Ceremonies

Phone: 707-939-9827
[email protected]
Sonoma, California