May - June 2006

"Fields of Consciousness" Play Day
Come hike on beautiful from atop Mt. Tamalpais to Stintson Beach & connect with the natural energies of the coastal forest thru Chi Gong w/ Constantine Darling (co-led by Oshana Biondi).
Learn playful games to expand your awareness at Stintson Beach followed by a community potluck feast at Sausalito Healing Arts. Then we'll celebrate rythmic dance grooves with drum master, Kim Atkinson & and close the evening with a Shamanic Sound Healing journey by René Jenkins

Saturday, May 6 
Location: Meet @ Sausalito Healing Arts, Sausalito
Time: 9:30am - 11pm (approx)
Fee: $60

Shiastu & Breema Vibes!
with Nora Fanshel & René Jenkins

Shiatsu and Breema are two time-honored healing arts that balance the energy of our body using rhythmic movement, gradual stretching, firm and gentle pressure and deep, natural breathing.
A Shiatsu/Breema treatment is given on a well padded carpet with the recipient wearing loose, comforable clothing to facilitate freedom of movement. Both invigorating and calming touch are used to increase the flow of energy through the whole body, promoting vitality, flexibility and suppleness (the ability to release tension!).
Nora Fanshel is a California State Certified Shiatsu and Breema Bodywork practitioner and instructor, teaching since 1983.

"This attunement through intention, sound and vital touch will plant your feet on the earth and open your heart! In the rhythmic deep leans, holds and dynamic releases of Breema we can experience the harmonic resonance of our aliveness. René's flutes, didjeridu, and other beautiful wind & percussive instruments will invite in the Five Elements: he plays these ancient instruments with the intention of reuniting us to our cellular memory of oneness and wholeness!"

Sunday afternoon, May 21
Time: 2 – 5pm
: Classes held at Nora's studio in Sebastopol
Fee: $65
Pre-registration is necessary

*Registration is limited to 12 students*

For more information about Shiatsu/Breema classes or treatments, please phone

Integrating Ancient Forms of Healing
Traditional Anointing & Hands-On Healing
with the Sounds of Ancient Indigenous Instruments!
  Dr. Liza Klein, Alison Hendley & I have orchestrated a unique blend of musical sound healing support for each individual while they receive their hands-on healing/blessing. -A church healing service that invites all who seek a deeper connection with Spirit. It is perhaps the first of it's kind to involve ancient instruments as an integral part of their healing service.

Wednesday, May 24 -and- Wednesday, June 26
Location: First United Methodist Church, 9 Ross Valley Drive on Fourth St., San Rafael
Time: 7:30pm
Fee: Donation

Directions from Hwy 101: (Note- The distance from Hwy 101 to the church is approximately 1.6 miles)
Take Central San Rafael exit, go west on Third Street and pass through many traffic lights. Third Street becomes 2nd Street and soon becomes Fourth Street when Fourth St. merges from the right. When the left lane merges into the right, turn LEFT @ the next light onto Ross Valley Dr. The church is on the corner (a white church with stained glass windows).

Sound Healing "Collaborative" Work Groups
I will facilitate this participatory sound healing experience as we create an energetic field using Intention & Sound to collectively activate and accelerate our innate healing. The group will support and transmit sound energy through "singing" bowls and toning while I work closely with each individual. Each person will have a turn in the center to receive the healing vibrations for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Saturday, May 27 -and- Saturday, June 24
Location: BodyWorks, 490 Second St., Petaluma
Time: 6:30 - 9pm (please arrive by 6:15pm)
Please call René @ 707-939-9827 for directions & to reserve your space.
Space limited to 15 people.
Fee: $20

Directions from the SF Bay Area:
Go North on Hwy 101 to Petaluma and take the Petaluma Blvd South exit. Go approx. 8 blocks and take a RIGHT onto F Street and the next RIGHT onto Second Street, then park. BodyWorks is on the right-hand side between F & G Street.

Directions from Santa Rosa:
Go South on Hwy 101 to Petaluma and take the E. Washington Blvd exit. Go RIGHT at the light onto E. Washington Blvd. Go approx. 8 blocks and take a LEFT onto Petaluma Blvd South. After passing straight through the D St. light, take the second LEFT onto F Street and the next RIGHT onto Second Street. BodyWorks is right there on the right-hand side between F & G Street.

Friday, May 12 -and- Friday, June 23
Location: Sausalito Healing Arts, 85 Liberty Ship Way, #103, Sausalito
Time: 7 - 9:30pm (please arrive by 6:45pm)
Please call Oshana @ 415-332-6061 to reserve your space
Space limited to 15 people. For directions, visit
Fee: $20

Directions from Hwy 101:
Take the Sausalito/Marin City exit. From 101 North, you continue STRAIGHT onto Bridgeway.
From 101 South, turn LEFT and drive under the freeway, and RIGHT onto Bridgeway.
At the sixth traffic light, turn LEFT onto Marinship Way. (Landmarks prior to this turn are: Christophe's and Fred's restaurant on the right, and the green 'Liberty Ship Way" street sign on the median) Drive down the ramp and immediately turn RIGHT onto Liberty Ship Way. Follow this road 1/4 mile as it winds towards the bay and palm trees. Building # 85 is the last building on the left. Suite #103 is around the backside of the building facing Mt. Tamalpais, and along the marina. You may park anywhere in the marina parking lot in the evening (even where it says permit parking only).

"Bay Area's Music & Camping Festival" June 9th, *10th* & 11th Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa CA

Music, Arts, Ecology, Healthful Living

On Saturday, June 10th @ 3pm, come to the Dome Of Devotion for a Group Sound Healing experience w/
5 or more Didjeridu players!

I'll be sound healing along side Paul Human, Vlad, Adrienne, Coral & other fabulous healers of the "yadaki."

For more info, visit

Havasupai Falls Meditation

You are invited on a very special journey with Constantine Darling, Oshana Biondi, Kim Atkinson, and René Jenkins! Come share in the healing adventure of this sacred land at this unique time on planet earth.

Sacred Practice of the earth energy yoga, qi gong, study of earth energy vortexes, power and tribal dreaming, drumming, chanting and meditation, shamanic sound healings & sweat lodges for deep emotional release led by tribal elders of the Havasu 'Baaja Tribe Nation.

Sacred Practices / 5 Nights Camping / 2 Meals per Day / Horse and Mule Transportaion

: Havasupai, Grand Canyon, Arizona
Date: June 11 - 17, 2006
Fee: $599
(special rates negotiable for couples or groups)
Reservations: [email protected]
Event postings:
Please register early. For more information, contact:
Constantine Darling @ 415-454-2490 to reserve your space.

* * * * * * * * * * *

*Hope to see you at some of these events!*

CD Release

Ayni, featuring two sound healers from the south & north America continents, Tito La Rosa and René Jenkins, come together for an evening concert of improvisation and ceremony. Playing ancient instruments (condor bone flute, pututo, feather quill queña, didjeridu, zampoña, drum and more), they call to awaken a deeper sense of aliveness, and whisper an invitation to commune with the Spirit of Ayni. Recorded live at San Francisco's Main Post Chapel in the Presidio, and released in October 2004. "Ayni" means sacred reciprocity in Quechua.

The Ayni CD is available for $20 (including tax & shipping),
pay securely by credit card, here!