Rene' Jenkins Background

  Rene' Jenkins is a professional musician on “the Spiritual Path” for more than 25 years, studying many different religious and healing modalities in search of a more healthy and meaningful life for himself and others.

As a Ceremonial Sound Practitioner & Healing Performance Artist, Rene' performs “healings” (attunements), concerts and house clearing ceremonies for individuals and groups.

Rene' has been generously gifted with many ancient Peruvian instruments of historic metaphysical properties while working in collaboration with renowned South American sound healer/musician Tito La Rosa.*

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VISION STATEMENT:  As a Sound Healer of North American Origin, I am fulfilling a role in the Legend of the Eagle and the Condor.** As I fulfill this destiny, I am realizing my life-dream of service to raise the consciousness-vibration of the Planet. I do the work through a process of opening to the loving, powerful, and compassionate Forces that are eager to assist us in remembering our Divinity. Through this remembrance, we naturally resonate and restore ourselves and the Earth.