Discovering Your Past Lives

by Dr. Glenn Williston & Judith Johnstone

available in English in the U.S.

From 31 countries the letters have poured in. From Australia to Zimbabwe, people around the world are applauding DISCOVERING YOUR PAST LIVES and the critics are raving.
Besides the English edition, published by Collins Publishers Limited, London, editions in Norwegian, Greek, Portuguese, Dutch, Spaniish, Hungarian, Japanese, Swedish, Dutch, Bulgarian, and German are also available in their respective countries. If you cannot find DISCOVERING in your local book store, request that the manager order it for you or order it as outlined below.


Prisoners of the Past
Confrontation with Myself
Ancient Wisdom
A Process Evolves
The Five Levels of Regression
Footprints in the Sands of Time
The Soul's Dis-Ease
The Shackles of Fear
No Man Is An Island
Let Your Light So Shine
Living History
Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt
As Ye Sow
Crossing Over
The World Between
Perceptions of the Greater Self
On Your Own
Everyone Wants to Know
Living in the Now



Within each eternal Soul reside the memories and perceptions of many lifetimes. Meticulously recorded, these images play an important role in shaping the persons we are today. Just as a child's earliest experiences have a profound influence on the later adult, so the stored knowledge of past lives contributes to and affects our present choices and decisions. This contribution may be generally positive or negative, depending entirely upon the character of those past events and the way in which we handled them.

Some people find that this lifetime is unfolding in a way that is reasonably satisfying and rewarding, and they feel no need to delve into the early events of this life ...or those that preceded it (though some will choose to do so simply out of curiosity that very human desire to know). But for others, try as they will the satisfactions of life always seem to elude them and they feel powerless to deal with dimly perceived imperatives that mysteriously rule their lives.

In some cases it is necessary to recall certain scenes of childhood in order to reach the source of the negative beliefs that are wreaking havoc in the life of the adult, but in many others the primal event occurred in a past life and it can never be completely resolved without recalling and re-experiencing the feelings that accompanied it. Fortunately, we are now able to do this through a combination of traditional therapeutic techniques and hypnotic past-life regressions. The cases that follow show the results of such an approach.

"Something terrible is going to happen to me on a boat," said Janet, "and I am deathly afraid of deep water." The thirty-year- old teacher had lived by the ocean all her life, yet she perched tensely in the reclining chair as she told me how her fears had prevented her from sharing the pleasures of sailing and swimming with her friends. Her father was a fisherman, her mother was an avid swimmer, and her brothers and sisters had no fear of water. Nothing in her conscious memory revealed any incident in her childhood that would account for such fear.

As I spoke quietly to her, Janet's body settled into the big chair, her breathing softened, and her skin took on the waxy appearance that is characteristic of deep hypnosis. Together we began the journey back in time through her childhood, her birth experience, and into her pre-natal existence. Nothing significant came to light. Then slowly a scene began to unfold that took place before Janet's birth, even before her womb experience. We had gone back to an earlier life. Her name was no longer Janet, it was Mary. Mary Janette Brouley. The place was no longer a small town in Rhode Island; we were transported to the English countryside. The voice I listened to changed from the Eastern accent of a mature woman to the soft British tones of a young girl. The time was 1894. The girl Mary described a scene where horses clip- clopped over packed dirt roads and cobblestone streets, and fishermen hummed sea shanties as they repaired their nets on the stone wall at the water's edge.

Mary's mother was dying. Having attended to her mother's needs for several days, Mary decided that she needed a breath of fresh air. Walking alone by the wharf, she was suddenly startled by a flash of light from the water and, moments later, a terrible crashing sound. Mary gasped as she began to describe for me the collision of two ships.

"Out in the water . . . a terrible crash. People screaming, screaming. Mostly the sound of men's voices. The fire . . . the flames and the fire! I can see them from the shore. The sky is lit by the flames from the boats. All the people are in the water . . . all in the water. Oh, the crash . . . people running to the waterfront to see. The noise and screaming and nobody can do anything.

"Everyone died. Not one person lived. It was November and the water was icy. Sir William, the schoolmaster, was on one of those boats. The fishermen loved him, he was so kind." [Mary broke into sobs.] He never came back, he never came back. So many people I knew. My brother John Martin was on one of the boats. He left four children. They built a monument for the men . . . to the disaster. November 1894. It is just outside Matthew Bridgeton's fish shop. They were all from the village, and they left little ones. Oh, they left so many little ones. Herbert Swain and his brother James . . . so many names on the spire."

It was clear now that Janet, as Mary Brouley, had witnessed a terrible disaster and felt the panic and helplessness of death by fire and drowning even though she was only an observer. She may have been rendered more susceptible to the emotions of the scene because of her deep concern for her dying mother, though the loss of her brother and many other close friends was reason enough for a lasting impression. It took four more sessions during which Janet confronted that terrifying scene before she was able to discharge all the emotions connected with it. At that point she was released from her fear of deep water and the notion that something dreadful would happen to her in a boat.

... continued in Discovering Your Past Lives (order information below.

What the Critics Are Saying About



This book is crammed with fascinating examples of regression experiences, coupled with the authors" profound insights into the nature of reincarnation. Williston argues that past life therapy may release an individual from recurrent negative behaviour patterns and highlight life's lessons. He makes regression techniques accessible to all through outlining simple and safe methods for use by individuals working alone or in groups. The book makes enlightening and avid reading.... strongly recommended.


... this is an interesting and thought-provoking read, and useful those unfamiliar with this field. It is ... the account of an experienced professional therapist using past-life recall as a therapeutic tool. The author shows us that past lives are a further dimension of consciousness; that it is a realm open to us all that may enrich our understanding of ourselves and the world in which we live. Through the use of hypnosis, old insights are confirmed and a method described in which we may all share. Definitely worth a read.


We only live once, or do we? The authors suggest that within each of us are the events and memories of many former existences. Past life regression can be an important therapeutic tool and acts as a means of understanding the traumas of other lives which continue to wreak havoc in the present. The authors show that re-experiencing past lives can lead to an expanded view of the universe and can also reduce stress, control pain, guilt and fear, develop latent talents and aid concentration and understanding of other people. They provide numerous examples and give step-by-step advice on working alone to discover past lives and answer the most common questions on hypnosis and reincarnation. Bravo!


Is hypnosis the key to unlocking our past incarnations? What is the experience we call death really like? These and many more questions are comprehensively answered in this book. It is an in-depth study of reincarnation, presenting evidence and accounts of people who have regressed, under hypnosis, to previous lifetimes.... The moment of death is also explored with many fascinating accounts, and the whole theory of reincarnation is fully investigated. It is a concept that could change our lives for the better and give us greater understanding of our present conditions, making life fuller and richer and removing a large part of the fear that most of us have of one thing or another. A fascinating and intriguing book providing a great deal of food for thought.


What a splendid book it is, and is a particular pleasure to read as it does something which badly requires doing in all matters human, and that is, to push to pragmatic, practical applications the theoretical consideration of the principle of reincarnation. In the same way as some people hold that reincarnation "is an interesting concept but no more and totally unprovable," they are simply not in possession of the facts. This is a sign, not of maturity, but of spiritual immaturity due to a lack of exposure in this and presumably also in previous lifetimes to the phenomenon of reincarnation. What a wonderful, fascinating job you have done with this writing.


... Not a favorite subject of mine..., but this is one of the most complete and literate books ever written on the subject. It is literate, in that it is well written and organized, with some consideration for giving the process a historical and a religious context. It is complete in that it puts forward the ... need for... exploration, the method of it, its advantages, and a number of excellent examples of how it functions, and the effects that it can have. The book is a sensible guide for those at all interested in the subject.

NEW FRONTIERS fall winter 1988

Through hypnotism, Williston has demonstrated how our lives can be more productive and spiritually enriched. Fears, pain, guilt, anxiety, and depression can be eliminated when we are led to an understanding of their origins.

Many people have been helped in their family relationships when they have learned that they have been to together in past lives and brought together again in this life to work through their differences in order to grow toward a higher spiritual plane, both in this life and life hereafter. The authors are not trying to make converts, but to cultivate a sense of awareness which leads to spiritual freedom and growth toward being the great people we are destined to become.

Past lives regression, to be successful, would require a skilled therapist with the ability to lead into understanding and spiritual growth. Until one is found, this book can give us the comfort of knowing that it can be done.

BARBARA MOUSALAM, noted psychic counselor, (letter dated 6-83)

... I have been meaning for months to drop you a line to thank you for your book. I LOVE IT! and so do the many others I have loaned it to. I have had to beg to get it back. I shall treasure it.

JANE ROBERTS, noted author of all the SETH books: (letter dated 8-85)

Just read your wonderful book. So much of it verifies what Seth has been saying through me for a number of years now. Robert (her husband) has also enjoyed it immensely. We applaud you for your courage in writing about such a controversial therapeutic technique. Keep up the good work!


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