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How To Participate

It's easy to participate in the courses of instruction offered by the Music Conservatory. The required tools depend to an extent on which course you take.

All courses assume that you have full Internet capability, including World Wide Web Browser and Email. Individual courses may have additional requirements. For example, in order to participate in the Conservatory's courses in Music Theory and Composition, it is necessary to have some (simple and inexpensive) computer music software. (The Conservatory offers technical support wherever possible to help you to equip your computer system with the software requirements of our courses of study.) In some instances, courses also have prerequisites in musical knowledge and skills. Check the documentation on each individual course for full details, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

After reading through the prerequisites and technical requirements for the course you want to take, go to the Conservatory Registration Page to fill out the enrollment form. WholeARTs will reply and, if you are accepted into the course, will introduce you to your teacher.

At that point, you need only what music students need everywhere: a love for music, a desire to know more about it and/or gain skills in creating it.

Fees for Conservatory courses are charged at the rate of $35.00 per lesson (for full-payment discounts, see individual course materials). The nature of the lesson depends on the course you take. For example, in the courses in Music Theory and Composition, each lesson contains appended exercises. You complete the exercises after having studied the online materials associated with the lesson. After your exercise has been corrected by your teacher and returned to you, your credit card is charged for the lesson. Credit card numbers are kept on file at WholeARTs. You may transfer your credit card information over the Internet (on the Music Conservatory Registration Page), or through our secure voice-mail service (see number below). Or, you may pay in advance by check or money order (please expect an additional 30 days for processing).

The watchwords for all of the Conservatory's courses are "individual attention." While some courses may involve group discussion and interaction, our teachers strive to tailor their courses to YOUR interests and needs. Our courses are designed for people of all ages, only depending on ability. Whether you are a youngster in school without access to high quality music education, a working adult seeking intelligent and challenging recreation, or a senior citizen pursuing long deferred interests and goals in education, the WholeARTS Online Music Conservatory is for you.


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