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Thanks for giving us a balanced perspective and a safe approach to stocks and investing in general. I have come to the conclusion that bear markets are the result  previous bull markets (excesses)and bull markets themselves to be nothing else but the result of giant promotions ,public relations, and criminal manipulation of hard data. We must remember two things:First , Investing  is a long term process that enriches someone slowly, and second , capital gains is not and has never been an investors main objective, rather it is a dealers objective.   Take good care of yourself.

I cannot believe how accurate your letter is in calling the stock market. .. while all the media people are extreme in some direction, you are calling it the way it is.... your track record is astounding over the years. I know since I have been a reader now for 12 years.

I've just recently discovered your web site and am thoroughly impressed with your efforts.  Thank you for an excellent presentation. I particularly enjoy your graphic Indexes and Indicators.  Would it be possible (I know it would be very worthwhile for the readers!) to explain WHY you are projecting certain Pivot Dates and what they are projecting?   Thanks again for an excellent web page.   RV

Love your weekly pub, and have been reading for a long time. It's amazing how accurate you've been. Anyway, I'm stumped. Market sideways action continuing, negative market indicators (VIX, put/call, mcclellans, bullish sentiment), bouncing from 50 MVA resistance and 9690. When does it end? When will the banks sell (especially Japan)? If it keeps going this way, eventually the institutions will start buying on volume again (just from the boredom). Seems the market needs to retest in here, in order to setup for the next runup on improving economy metrics....E (location unknown)

Hello. Wonderful market commentaries and interesting future possibilities. I am hearing (reading) that further downside all this month (July) is expected by most traders. Does this conflict with your research? Where July 27 may be the lowest point (OEX,
... unknown location

"I am amazed!  Dr.Williston was right on! He said July 11 would be the beginning of a rally in the Stock Market, and by God, that is what is happening.  I am a believer! Cudos to the fair Doctor!" ...VT

"I can hardly wait for Contrarin each Sunday. You are so much on target all the time and since I invest in U.S. stocks, it is invaluable. I bought Ford when you advised last year and doubled my money in 3 months with all the spinoffs, etc.. Thanks." ... Perth, Australia

"We both like your perspective since it is not just another version of the media bla bla bla." ... Miami, Florida

"I have been shocked when you have indicated that the market was becoming dangerous since you have been about the only one to take such a stand. You obviously are not trying to sell stocks.... and you have been right so often." ... San Francisco, CA.

"The indicator chart has been so accurate over all these years. I used to subscribe to your newsletter so I go way back. I am pleased you have it on the internet now and free.... what a deal. Keep up the good work." ... Lawton, OK

"Just when it seems that your market forcast is going to be wrong, the market does just what you said it would... sometimes you are very early, but thanks to you, I have managed to keep all my gains over the past two years since reading Contrarian."... Westport, MA

"I have been buying Intel since you recommended it as a buy under $28 some time ago. I did not think it would ever get that low, but it has and I am grateful for that... Thanks so much for your newsletter. It is a gem." ... Gulfport, MS

"Thanks for your work. I just subscribed to the back issues so I can see what I have been missing all this time." ... Atlanta, GA

"... when you said to sell last spring, you were a lone voice since everyone else was saying to buy. My friends were still buying when I put stops in. They wish they had.... nuff said!" ... Juneau, AK

"... so I have cancelled my expensive financial newsletter subscriptions since you are on target much more than those... and you are fee!" ... Honolulu, HI

"... you prove that the best things in life are free."... Seattle, WA

"thank you for your website.  I appreciate your perspective." ... unknown

"RIGHT ON! You say it like it is ... hard to find contrarians anywhere." Boise, ID

"I can get the common view from CNN here in London, but I depend on your weekly comments for a different sort of view. That takes courage and insight. Thanks." ... London, England


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