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Endorsed by Roger Daltrey from The Who. Roger stated, "Since using the Aqua-Chi Machine during my 2002 tour I have no jet-lag and an excess of energy.

The Aqua-Chi is easy to use!

Complete, clear, and simple instructions explain how to set up the system.

The reason people don't heal is because they run out of energy! Most people lack the proper levels of this essential energy. So give Aqua-Chi a try, and find out the difference for yourself.

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Aqua-Chi Ionic Footbath

This state-of-the-art "bio-energy charger" raises health care to a new level. It energizes water, the most abundant resource on earth, with direct current (DC) to create an energy in the water that research has shown is bio-available to living things.

Victor Schauberger, the Austrian naturalist, observed how water in mountain streams gathered energy as it flowed downhill in natural spiraling motions. His inventions were "living machines" which used natural process for concentrating energy to create energized water, which had an invigorating effect on the body. By contrast, much of our modern technology dissipates energy using unnatural processes. Tap water and water processed using steam distillation and reverse osmosis all lack the vital energy needed to maintain health. Until now the loss of this vital energy has been difficult to replace, but with the aid of the wonderful new Aqua-Chi footbath it is now possible to recharge both the water and yourself. This innovative new product uses a natural process utilized by nature to actually create bio-electrical energy that your body can absorb and use.

Aqua-Chi is a revolutionary new technology that operates with the use of Aqua (water) because water is the basis of all biological function. Water is also the medium through which all tasks in the body are performed. The body is an amazing complex living thing made up of millions of smaller components called cells which are responsible for all the different biological processes that occur within the body. Each of these cells is required to perform each of their tasks correctly and efficiently to maintain a complete healthy body.

For each of the cells to perform their designated tasks efficiently they all require two basic resources, water and energy. Water for hydration and transportation, and energy, sometimes referred to as chi, to power or fuel the cell. When the cell is deprived of either of these resources problems begin to occur and health is put at risk. The Aqua-Chi is used to aid the electrical or Chi system of the body by making bio-energy available to the cells.

Using the Aqua-Chi is very easy. Complete, clear, and simple instructions explain how to set up the system. Then when you're ready, simply place your feet in the warm footbath, or indulge in the luxury of a full body bath; and relax, while Aqua-Chi does its work. It doesn't take a lot of your time either, just 20 minutes every second or third day. As long as you have a container of water and access to a power outlet you can use it anywhere., making your Aqua-Chi machine completely portable.

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