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Aqua-Chi Foot Bath
Aqua-Chi Foot Bath Products

Call for an appointment:
(530) 544-2844
8 AM - 8 PM PST



Call for an appointment:
(530) 544-2844

8 AM - 8 PM PST


Aqua-Chi Ionic Footbath Units

The body is an amazingly complex organism made up of millions of smaller components called cells which are responsible for all the different biological processes that occur throughout our bodies. Each cell is a specialist, required to perform their various tasks efficiently. Every cell requires two basic resources, water and oxygen so that chemical and electrical energy can be produced. Water is required for transportation and hydration and the production of energy (referred to as Chi). When the cell is deprived of either of these resources, problems begin to occur and health is put at risk. The Aqua-Chi is used to aid the Electrical or Chi System of the body by making bio-energy available to the cells.

Independent studies with the Aqua-Chi Machine indicate that an overall balancing effect occurs... along with a significant increase in the number of ions. Ions are atoms or molecules that have lost or gained electrons. If the atoms or molecules loose electrons they become positively charged ions. If they gain electrons, they become negatively charged ions. Higher levels of negative ions promote health, and a higher number are present after an Aqua-Chi session.

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Aqua-Chi Ionic Footbath Session

Aqua-Chi Ionic Footbath

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Sports Massage - Acupressure Massage - Reflexology Massage

For appointments, please call (530) 544-2844
8 AM - 8 PM PST

Aqua-Chi Ionic Footbath: Imagine a healing session without pills, drugs or pain! This state-of-the-art "bio-energy charger" raises health care to a new level. It energizes water with direct current (DC) to create energy in the water that research has shown is bio-available to living things. Water is the medium through which all tasks in the body are performed.

Sports Massage: A therapeutic treatment employing deep kneading and circular movements on specific muscle groups to improve circulation after work out.

Acupressure Massage: Japanese pressure point work, promotes a sense of well being and total relaxation. Achieved by applying pressure to specific points in the body's energetic pathways, helping to clear metabolic congestion.

Reflexology Massage: Deep concentrated foot and hand massage, rebalancing and toning the entire body.

NOTE: 35 minute sessions are recommended for adults. Excluded are pregnant women and anyone on heart medication, anyone who has had an organ transplant, a pacemaker, or other metal implanted device.

Planning For A Session:

  • Drink the following amounts of water the day before and the day of a treatment: 1 oz. per 40 lbs. of body weight, every half hour.

  • A massage and/or workout before the treatment will enhance the effects.

  • Wear no metal (zippers, etc.) or jewelry.

  • Do Not eat any food or take supplements for 1 to 2 hours prior to treatment.

  • Take medications and supplements afterward.




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